A.O.C Montravel Red

A.O.C Montravel Red

In short

Montravel red is a sumptuous wine that meets very demanding production conditions. The blend contains a minimum of 50% Merlot grape variety, particularly suited to the pretty hillsides that make up the appellation, giving it suppleness and elegance.


Some numbers

13 hectares
7 winegrowers
119,899 bottles of wine


A little history...

A very recent appellation (2001 is the first vintage of Montravel red) but who knows what it wants! Our Montravel winegrowers have set themselves rigorous quality objectives to position themselves on a niche market thanks to very elite production conditions: minimum planting density of 5,000 vines per hectare, strict limitation of yields, etc.
First appellation to set up approval after bottling, it paved the way for other appellations in the Bergerac vineyard itself.



The Montravel appellation is located on: a source rock of sedimentary origin (the same asteria limestone as that of the Saint-Émilion vineyard, topped with Agenais molasses and the white Aquitanian limestone responsible for the more marked); Quaternary alluvium (sand and clayey gravel with a rather acid pH, not very fertile and well draining, located on the terraces bordering the Dordogne). All the conditions are therefore met to obtain very rich and elegant red wines!



Temperature : 17°C
Keep : 2/10 years
Accompaniement : Ideal with game, red meats and cheeses

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