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Grape: where wine becomes an experience.

 Immerse yourself in the heart of elegance and tradition with Grape, a passionate company dedicated to promoting exceptional wines from the Bergerac region. Our mission is simple: to awaken your taste buds to the delights of Bergerac wines while offering you an unforgettable immersive experience.

Imagine yourself, at sunset, in the hilly vineyards of Bergerac, where the vine stocks whisper centuries-old stories. Grape invites you to discover these hidden treasures through a carefully crafted selection of authentic wines, representing the unique terroir of the region.

But our commitment goes beyond simple tasting. We are makers of moments, creators of unforgettable experiences. Our team of wine experts organize exclusive events where each sip of wine is an invitation to a sensory journey.
Whether during our private tastings in picturesque castles, our exciting guided vineyard tours, or our creative cooking workshops highlighting food and wine pairings, each encounter with Grape is a celebration of cultural and taste richness of the region.

We believe in the magic of each bottle of wine, in its ability to bring people together, to create timeless memories. Join us on this wine adventure, where each glass is an invitation to explore, learn and savor.

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Founding team

Like most beautiful stories, that of GRAPE begins with an encounter.

The meeting of many talented winemakers and various vinifications techniques to magnify grape varieties and the will to promote and celebrate their art.

The grape is the point to start while discovering a wine and its region. Our colors, Gold and purple, honors the talents and know-hows of every winegrowers and every wines, white and red. 


Support us to make our ambitions for the vineyards become reality.











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