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Sparkling (natural) - Domaine de l'Ancienne Cure "Ca Sulfit !"

Sparkling (natural) - Domaine de l'Ancienne Cure "Ca Sulfit !"

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AOP Vin de France
  • Chenin (70%)
  • Sauvignon gris (30%)
Levels 9.8 degrees of sugar, 5.8g/l of total acidity
Guard time
Alcool %
75 cl



The transmission of wine heritage to consumers involves the production of natural wines, without added sulfur.

These wines, which are both fragile, because they are the result of a complex process, but also powerful on the palate, are the result of viticulture that goes back to basics.


First fermentation in vats. Second fermentation in bottle. Zero sulphites, zero filtration, zero added CO2!


Pale gold tint.

Discreet nose at first because the wine is cold, then quickly more frank expression with an especially citrus character, aromas of lemon/lime, fresh, then when the wine rises in temperature, notes that flirt with the exotic, hops.

In the mouth the attack is fresh, salivating, with a fairly fine and homogeneous bubble. The aromatic lemony nose is relayed by floral notes of orange blossom. The finish is slightly saline. The bubble in the bottle holds up well when you tighten it... And you tighten it!

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