A.O.C Pecharmant

A.O.C Pecharmant

In short

The originality of this appellation is no longer to be demonstrated with its exposure of hillsides and its very specific subsoil (stratum of tran: ferruginous concretions). True standard of the region, Pécharmant works on its future to keep its notoriety and its image.
Pécharmant is a powerful, generous and unique wine, with great aromatic intensity and good aging potential. Well vinified, some wines offer a slightly vanilla nose, a fleshy mouthfeel and aromatic notes of violets and liquorice.


Some numbers

398 hectares
47 wine growers
2,626,667 bottles of wine


A little history...

The Pécharmant vineyard is the oldest vineyard in Bergerac. Indeed, in the 11th and 12th centuries, there was already a vineyard which depended on the lord of Bergerac. It was in 1080 that the monks of the monastery of Saint-Martin de Bergerac cleared the northern vinée which is today considered to be the very first wine-growing region of Bergerac. Pécharmant was recognized as an AOC by decree on March 12, 1946.



In the heart of purple Périgord, the Pécharmant vineyard has been present since the 11th century and means “charming hill” in Occitan. The vineyard also called "old Vinée Nord" is arranged in a semicircle north of Bergerac, on the right bank of the Dordogne.

This controlled designation of origin is mainly made up of south-facing hillsides which benefit from exceptional sunshine.

Only four communes produce Pécharmant: Creysse, Bergerac, Lembras and Saint-Sauveur.

The particularity of this vineyard comes from its soil of “sands and gravels of Périgord” resulting from the transformation of the granitic rocks of the Massif Central. The terroir has undergone superficial leaching, dragging clay and iron underground. This deep and impermeable layer, called “tran”, gives Pécharmant this taste of the terroir so typical of the appellation. The Pécharmant vineyard benefits from a temperate oceanic climate, and is well exposed due south. This local climate favors a good maturity of the grape and a concentration of sugars and aromas. 


Temperature : 17°C
Keep : 8 to 10 years old
Accompaniement : Ideal with game, roast meats and cheeses   

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