Domaine du Haut-Montlong

Domaine du Haut-Montlong

Domaine du Haut-Montlong: Embracing Tradition and Organic Innovation under the Métifet Family

Deep in the heart of Périgord, Domaine du Haut-Montlong, steered by the Métifet family since 1925, is a testament to the seamless integration of deep-rooted tradition with forward-thinking organic viticulture. Laurence and Philippe Métifet, the current custodians, are passionately committed to honoring their heritage while steering the domaine towards a fully organic future, starting with their 2020 vintage.

Legacy and Vision: The Métifet Family Story

Domaine du Haut-Montlong highlights a century-old legacy of dedication to the land and the art of winemaking. Their vision for the domaine is deeply anchored in sustainability, emphasizing the importance of a harmonious relationship between the vineyard and its environment.

Organic Commitment: A Sustainable Future

With the transition to 100% organic practices, Domaine du Haut-Montlong not only respects the health of the soil and ecosystem but also enhances the quality and authenticity of their wines. This commitment reflects a broader responsibility towards environmental stewardship and a healthier future for the planet.

The Heart of the Vineyard: Biodynamic Practices

Adopting organic practices is just the beginning. Métifet family aims to incorporate biodynamic principles that further enrich the vineyard's biodiversity, ensuring that each bottle of wine is a true expression of its terroir.

Artisanal Winemaking: Tradition Meets Innovation

Laurence and Philippe Métifet blend traditional winemaking techniques with modern innovations to craft exceptional wines. Their approach respects the natural characteristics of each vintage, allowing the purity and complexity of the fruit to shine through.

The Signature Wines of Domaine du Haut-Montlong

Domaine du Haut-Montlong's portfolio, including white, rosé, and liquoreux wines, showcases the richness of the Pomport terroir. Each wine is a testament to the owners commitment to quality, sustainability, and the expression of their unique vineyard landscape.

Conclusion: A Toast to Organic Excellence

Domaine du Haut-Montlong, under the Métifet family, invites wine enthusiasts to experience the depth and beauty of organically crafted wines. As they look towards a sustainable future, their wines not only capture the essence of Périgord but also embody the family's passion for preserving and enhancing their cherished terroir.

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