Château Moulin Caresse

Château Moulin Caresse

A Testament to Heritage and Innovation

Nestled in the heart of a region bridging Périgord and Saint-Emilion, Château Moulin Caresse has been a beacon of viticultural excellence since 1749. Under the stewardship of the Deffarge family, the estate seamlessly blends tradition with contemporary practices, celebrating over two centuries of winemaking heritage.

The Deffarge Legacy: A Family's Commitment to the Vine

The story of Château Moulin Caresse is deeply intertwined with the Deffarge family, who, for generations, have cultivated the land with respect and passion. Today, Jean-François, Sylvie, and their children, Benjamin and Quentin, continue this legacy, ensuring that each bottle reflects the estate's rich history and dedication to quality.

Sustainable Viticulture: Embracing Modern Practices

With a commitment to sustainability, the estate adopts environmentally friendly practices, balancing traditional methods with innovative techniques to nurture the land and vines. This approach not only preserves the ecosystem but also enhances the unique character of their wines.

The Essence of Moulin Caresse: Distinguished Wines

Château Moulin Caresse is renowned for its AOP Montravel and Bergerac wines, which embody the terroir's distinct qualities. The range includes expressive reds, crisp whites, and delightful rosés, each crafted to showcase the varietal's true essence.

Innovation Meets Tradition: The Winemaking Process

The winemaking process at Château Moulin Caresse is a blend of age-old wisdom and modern innovation. This balance ensures that every vintage honors the estate's heritage while meeting the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

A Journey Through Time: Visiting Moulin Caresse

Visitors to Château Moulin Caresse are invited to experience the vineyard's storied past and bright future. Through tours and tastings, guests can explore the nuances of their wines and the beauty of the estate, offering a glimpse into the heart of winemaking tradition.

Conclusion: A Toast to Perseverance and Passion

Château Moulin Caresse stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of the Deffarge family and their unwavering commitment to excellence. By embracing both heritage and innovation, the estate continues to produce wines that are a true reflection of the land and the family's passion for viticulture.

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White Montravel available