A.O.C Montravel White

A.O.C Montravel White

In short

With a large predominance of Sauvignon, associated with Sémillon and Muscadelle, the specific terroir of Montravel produces “pleasure” dry whites and richer dry whites aged in barrels. Their hallmark? Undoubtedly their freshness and incredible minerality!


Some numbers

62 hectares
22 wine growers
441 559 wine bottles


A little history...

For a long time, the history of this vineyard was intertwined with that of its Bordeaux neighbors. Indeed, the eighteen parishes of the canton constituted a castellany subjected to the lords of Bergerac. But, it was acquired in 1307 by the Archdiocese of Bordeaux until the Revolution. The judgment of September 22, 1937 decrees Montravel Sec as an AOC.



The particular geological characteristic of Montravel, the ostrea limestone present on the most beautiful terroirs of the appellation, gives a typical minerality to dry Montravel.



Temperature : 7°/11°C
Keep : 3/10 years
Accompaniement : Ideal with fish / seafood


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