A.O.C Haut-Montravel

A.O.C Haut-Montravel

In short

Haut‐Montravel is a small appellation dedicated to the production of sweet wines in the large area of Montravel. It corresponds to a delimited area on the best terroirs of Montravel, on the ridge. Endowed with a beautiful aromatic complexity, Haut Montravel has an excellent aging potential.

To obtain this exceptional sweet white wine that is Haut-Montravel, as for Monbazillac, our winegrowers seek the development of “noble rot”. The grapes are harvested exclusively by hand by successive sorting. Yields are therefore very low. It is the attentive care that our winegrowers lavish on it during its slow elaboration that give it exceptional qualities: sweetness, of course, but also and above all the complex aromas of grilled almond, peach or dried apricot that generally come enhance a delicate aging in barrels.


A little history...

For a long time, the history of this vineyard was intertwined with that of its Bordeaux neighbors. Indeed, the eighteen parishes of the canton constituted a castellany subjected to the lords of Bergerac. But, it was acquired in 1307 by the Archdiocese of Bordeaux until the Revolution. As a result, the jurisdiction of Montravel enjoyed the special privilege of allowing its wines to enter Bordeaux freely. In 1533, Michel EYQUEM de MONTAIGNE, author of the “Essays”, was born on this land in the beautiful castle that bears his name. Haut-Montravel joins the list of French AOC thanks to the judgment of September 22, 1937.



With its clay-limestone soil, its sunshine, its well-exposed slopes and its early autumn mists, the Haut-Montravel appellation area has all the assets for the production of exceptional sweet white wines.



Temperature : 10°/13°C
Keep : 6/20 years old
Food and wine pairing : Ideal with fish, cheeses, candied flavors

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