A.O.C Bergerac White

A.O.C Bergerac White

In short

In Bergerac, the winegrowers know how to harvest grape varieties that are well suited to the terroir (Sauvignon, Sémillon and Muscadelle) when they are ripe enough to produce dry white wines with a charming fruitiness, aromatic and full of liveliness. Often comprising Sauvignon as the majority grape variety in the blend, these wines represent the bulk of the production of dry whites.

Bergerac Dry White prove to be perfect companions for fish, shellfish and crustaceans. And their liveliness works wonders against the iodized and salty power of oysters, grilled fish or seafood platters. But Bergerac Dry wines will also work wonders as an aperitif!


The appellation in numbers

885 hectares
308 wine growers
6,565,001 bottles of wine


A little history...

The history of Bergerac Dry White merges with that of Bergerac Red. Bergerac  White s are produced throughout the Bergerac appellation area and have also been granted AOC status by decree of 1936.



The Bergerac Dry White appellation is located in the south of the Dordogne department, more particularly the district of Bergerac. It is possible to produce wines in the Bergerac White appellation in more than 90 municipalities surrounding the town of Bergerac. The nature of the soils reflects the extent of the vineyard: from lacustrine limestones, to sands through clays to gravels. The multiplicity of configurations linked to reliefs, waterways and exposures creates a large number of local climates and allows each winegrower to differentiate himself.



Temperature : 8°-9°C
Keep : 2 years
Accompaniement : As an aperitif, with seafood, oysters or fish.

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