A.O.C Bergerac Rose

A.O.C Bergerac Rose

In short

The Bergerac Rosé will delight you with its light salmon or rose petal color, and its aromas of currant or white-fleshed fruit. A certain minerality and a few floral notes will complete the whole and bring a nice complexity.
The appellation can lend itself to two styles: resulting from bleeding or direct pressing, the Bergerac Rosé sometimes offers a very dark, frank and lively pink color with promising accents of aromas of red fruits, sometimes a paler color. and floral aromas. It's up to you to find your style!


Some numbers

940 hectares
302 wine growers
6,994,468 bottles of wine


A little history...

The history of Bergerac Rose merges with that of Bergerac Red.
Bergerac Rosés are produced throughout the Bergerac appellation area and have also been granted AOC status by decree of 1936.



The Bergerac Rosé appellation is located in the south of the Dordogne department, more particularly the district of Bergerac. It is possible to produce wines in the Bergerac Rosé appellation in more than 90 municipalities surrounding the town of Bergerac. The nature of the soils reflects the extent of the vineyard: from lacustrine limestones, to sands through clays to gravels. The multiplicity of configurations linked to reliefs, waterways and exposures creates a large number of local climates and allows each winegrower to differentiate himself.



Temperature : 8°-9°C
Keep : 2 years
Accompaniement : As an aperitif, with tapas or grilled meats

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